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What Up Playa?!

SocialCases player isn't your average Joe!

Your audio player is flexible, self updating, shareable and embedable. This means you can post bulletins with your latest album you just uploaded. With a little help from our instructions you can even customize the colors, size and functionality!

It's on us!

Embed your player on your blog, your myspace, your web site, pretty much anywhere you can.

Need reliable audio hosting for your music files for your web site, we are the answer you are looking for. But there is more to us than just a fancy player! You can share your music with your listeners using your entire Discography or just Per Album. We also give your listeners the ability to embed your player as well, be it their myspace, or their blog, now your fans can help expose their friends to your music easier than ever before.

Easy as Pie

Creating, your account, uploading your images, creating your first album, and joining the music community and start getting heard. All of these steps take less than 10 minutes. With that kind of time on your hands you could go make a sandwich or something... but unless if feeds the entire band, we don't think it will be nearly as productive.

How is SocialCase different?

Unlike most music sites the idea behind SocialCase is pretty simple and seems pretty obvious after a little thought. We think that the way you are forced to find music on those other sites is all wrong!

At SocialCase we honestly believe the music comes first. Before the pictures, before the bios or backgrounds, before the shows or merch what really makes a band is the music. Here we don't make you search around, listening to one song at a time, making you click through tons of search results hoping to stumble upon something new. At SocialCase we bring the music to you! Just go to the "Find Music" section and start listening, if you are looking for a specific genre, go for it, the player adjusts to what you are listening to and trys to bring you the music it thinks you want to hear.

Right now we are just starting out and forming this idea, we plan to make it even more customizable and also have big plans for launching a "Fans" network that will allow fans to rate music, so the community not only listens to the music, but also helps push the good stuff to the top!

As if that isn't enough! you have complete control of our audio player, skip songs, repeat songs, fast forward, rewind, etc. Another one of a kind feature is the randomization of music. Every time you hit refresh your player reorganizes and recollects music, so the more bands, the merrier. We think this is a great way to expose both bands to new listeners and listeners to new bands. Now last but not least, we love the idea of sharing this service and the music you find with your friends. So we give you the ability to post bands players, albums, or even genre players to blogs, myspace profiles, bulletins... anywhere you want basically.

pretty cool aeh? yea we think so too! enjoy.


Been A While... 12/30/2006
As the year closes we have been playing kinda hard, and no, we haven't forgotten about ole' SocialCase. Since we are a small operation running on extra time and a shoe string budget we haven't been able to devote time or effort to some of the forth coming features we have planned out, sorry, we know, we're slackers. With that being said soon however after the holiday season is over and the dust has settled we are going to be going back into heavy dev mode. In the mean time we would like to thank all of the bands that have signed up (yes even the ones who haven't uploaded any music... a phenomenon we still haven't figured out) and showed support of the idea, if nothing else.

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as we did here and we look forward to bringing some new ideas to the table and we wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Thanks for the support!

Love; Dev Team

New Stuff 12/6/2006
Well we have been officially open for a couple days now, and have had a few artists sign up but need more. We are in no hurry to grow, but we just love the idea of opening up bands to the idea behind socialcase so when we launch the "Fan" sections there will be plenty for our users to experience and rate.

For all of the bands out there, we have enabled some new security measures to help protect your audio files once they get to our system. If anyone noticed (we doubt it, but we hope so ;) ) we were down for a few minutes while setting up some new security measures to prevent unauthorized downloading of our audio files. We hope this helps keep our bands, or would be bands confident that we have their best interests in mind. So spread the word and spread the love!

Thanks for the support!

Love; Dev Team

Band Sign Ups Now Open 12/1/2006
SocialCase is officially opening its door for Artists to share their music. So if you're an artist and are looking for another way, or especially a *NEW* way to share your music get to it! Sign up, update your profile, upload some albums, join a genre, and spread the love.

For the Fans you can use the "Find Music" button to browse some of our artists that have signed up so far, sorry if the selection is thin we depend on bands to get their music on, if you know any Artists let them know we exist even if its only for the free embedable player. ;)

Thanks for the support!

Love; Dev Team

Tidying up the place 11/27/2006
Sorry guys I hate to keep you waiting, but we are getting extremely close to being fully functional for bands. You can currently signup with a band account and test it out if you would like, but be warned there are still some bugs we are addressing, as well as features that are still being completed. We hope to be opening up for band sign ups ASAP. We'll keep you posted!

Love; Dev Team